What Makes Plumb’s Pro Different From Your Usual Clinical Resources

December 10, 2021
3 min

Meet Plumb’s Pro, the practical, easy-to-use clinical decision support tool that puts the information veterinarians need all in one place, always within reach.

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How Plumb’s Pro Supports Veterinary Teams From Diagnosis to Discharge

December 9, 2021
5 min

Max’s case may seem simple, but it clearly shows how a more seamless practice is possible with the all-new Plumb’s Pro.

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6 Things Veterinary Teams Can Do with the All-New Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs

May 16, 2021
4 min

The all-new Plumb’s is the drug reference we want in our own practices: fast, efficient, and oh-so-easy to use. Have a look!

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