6 Things Veterinary Teams Can Do with the All-New Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs

May 16, 2021
4 min

Veterinary medicine’s favorite drug reference is getting even better. Our team of veterinarians, veterinary pharmacists, software developers, and content editors has been hard at work developing the new Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs. It features a slate of new tools and enhanced functionality so you can rely on a faster, smarter, and more powerful digital drug reference.

The new Plumb’s sports a fresh look and a whole lot more:

In short, it’s a better way to find up-to-date veterinary drug information and make informed decisions for your patients—in practice or on the go. 

Let’s look at 6 things you and your team can do with the new Plumb’s.

1. Evaluate your patient’s drug list for potential interactions*

Introducing the first-of-its-kind drug interaction checker: a robust, easy-to-use tool that lets you enter multiple drugs to check for potential drug-to-drug interactions—from minor additive effects to major absorption concerns. 

Interactions are assigned a color-coded risk classification and include animal-specific explanations based on current evidence. Classifications range from contraindicated (ie, don’t do it!) to no known interaction, with 3 levels of caution in between: major, moderate, and minor.

This new tool currently covers more than 25,000 potential drug interactions and is continually updated with new data.

2. Find drug information faster

With partial word search and enhanced navigation, it’s even easier to find the information you need. Can’t recall the spelling of a drug or trade name? Type in a few letters, and the new search will provide suggestions.

Looking for ACE inhibitors, for example? Start typing “pril” and Plumb’s will automatically offer results.

3. Navigate the platform more easily

Armed with feedback from our subscribers—as well as nearly 100 veterinary professionals who are testing the new platform in their practices—we’ve designed the new Plumb’s with an easy-to-use new interface.

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The new platform features simplified navigation and an enhanced layout. Simple icons and color-coded labels make it even easier to find what you’re looking for. 

Plus, in each drug monograph, the table of contents can jump you to any section with a click.

4. Access the most up-to-date Plumb’s yet

The new Plumb’s comes with hundreds of updates you won’t find in the book. You’ll find details on more than 20 new drug monographs, including the new emetic ropinirole.

Every piece of new information has been through several rounds of review and revision by veterinary specialists, veterinary pharmacists, and practicing veterinarians, so you can be confident that you’re getting the most relevant, up-to-date information available.

5. Pin notes anywhere†

We’re all used to jotting down notes everywhere, whether in the margins of a favorite reference book or on the sticky notes covering our desks. We built notes into Plumb’s so you can take all those tidbits, pearls, and preferred protocols on the go.

Have a preferred pharmacy? Pin a note. Need to remember a specialist’s referral preferences? Add a note! Plumb’s stores all your notes for easy access from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

6. Convert and calculate from the new app‡

Speaking of the app… we’ve built all-new apps for iOS and Android. Fast, sleek, and reliable, the new app puts the features you need in a clean new interface. Search drugs, check for drug interactions, make quick conversions, and even email medication guides to pet owners (without revealing your email address) right from the app.

Meet the team building the new Plumb’s

The new Plumb’s is the product of ongoing work by an extensive team of veterinarians, veterinary pharmacists, software developers, and content editors.

At the core of these changes is a commitment to helping veterinary teams worldwide make informed decisions for their patients. The new Plumb’s is the digital drug reference we want in our practices: fast, efficient, and oh-so-easy to use.

Stay tuned! We can’t wait to share everything that’s coming (because yes, there’s more). Whether you’ve been using Plumb’s for years or you’ve just discovered it, we’re so glad you’re here. Thank you for following along!

*The drug interaction checker is undergoing continual medical review and content updates. Results generated by the interaction checker represent one-to-one drug interactions only, and they are intended to supplement the knowledge and clinical judgment of veterinarians using this tool. 

†This feature is not available for users on custom IP-authenticated accounts or accounts using shared credentials.

‡The iOS and Android apps are not available for users on custom IP-authenticated accounts or accounts using shared credentials.