Pet Owner Guides

Educate pet owners about the drugs you dispense

A successful treatment plan depends on an informed pet owner. Keep them informed with printable, emailable drug information sheets that clearly explain what medications do and how they are used.

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What Are Veterinary Medication Guides?

See how this pet owner education tool can make practice easier—and help you keep your patients safer.

Provide accurate guidance in simple language

Skip the pharmacy jargon. Plumb’s Veterinary Medication Guides are written in clear, straightforward language that's easy for pet owners to understand, supporting better adherence and at-home care—and fewer rounds of phone tag.

Answer common prescription questions

Each medication guide explains what a pet owner needs to know about a drug, from common side effects and duration of therapy to administration tips and more.

Add personalized instructions

Have special instructions for the pet owner? Every medication guide has a space saved for your personal notes, from follow-up exams to refill requirements and everything in between.

Keep pet owners well-informed about their pet’s care

Setting pet owners up for success with at-home care saves time and eases frustration for everyone.

Clear up common medication questions

Save yourself a round of phone tag. With Veterinary Medication Guides, help pet owners understand what's normal and when to call with concerns.

Spend less time on discharge instructions

No more typing out medication details between appointments. Package medication guides with discharge paperwork.

Have a simple template for counseling pet owners

Provide easy pet owner education in the practice, at the curb, or during telemedicine visits, whether you’re adapting to state pharmacy requirements or improving client communication—or both.

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An Easier Way to Share Drug Information Sheets with Pet Owners

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June 18, 2020
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Helping pet owners confidently give medications at home just got easier. We just added exciting new ways to share Plumb’s Veterinary Medication Guides, our printable drug information sheets for pet owners. See how!

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