How Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs Saves You Time with Notes and Favorites

April 28, 2021
3 min

There’s a reason your copy of the Plumb’s book ends up dog-eared, scribbled in, and overflowing with sticky notes.

In veterinary practice, we cram a lot into our brains every day. Having a trusted reference that keeps essential information close at hand can save a little brain space—and some time.

So we jot down notes and fold down page corners to create shortcuts for ourselves. Unfortunately, scribbled notes and folded page corners aren’t exactly a perfect system. Citations get smudged by unknown bodily fluids, sticky notes lose their stickiness, and sometimes we can’t even find the book when we need it most.

Let’s take a look at how these Plumb’s features can make your notes and bookmarks accident-proof—and accessible anywhere.

Add and access your notes from anywhere

With the latest version of Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs, you can attach your notes wherever they’re most relevant (just like you would in your book) and access them at any time with easy-to-use filters.

Save general reminders and protocols. 

General notes are saved to your home page and aren’t affiliated with any particular medication. You can use them to turn Plumb’s into your digital nerdbook: add notes on anything, from the calculation for resting energy requirements (RER) to your local neurologist’s preferred referral protocol.

Add your own prescriber highlights.

There’s a place for overall drug notes at the top of every monograph. Record your anecdotal impressions of how patients respond, keep track of retail pharmacy costs for clients, or note current trends in prescribing (Is methocarbamol in or out for cervical IVDD?).

Pin key reminders to specific sections.

You can also add notes to specific subsections of a drug monograph. For instance, you might save a note about melarsomine’s concentration information (it’s listed in mg per vial, not mg/mL) in the Dosage Forms section, where you’re most likely to need the reminder.

Leave notes on appendix articles.

You can even leave notes on those helpful appendices. For example, there’s an appendix article on estrus and gestation periods that’s perfect for saving a note on the timing of different methods of pregnancy detection.

Access your notes anywhere.

In Plumb’s, all of your notes are right there on your phone, pharmacy tablet, or desktop computer—wherever you need them. No more running back and forth for references or lugging your library home with you.

That also means if a lecturer shares a new protocol, you can simply pull out your phone and add the note mid-lecture for easy access later.

Just look for the notes icon. It’s blue when you have notes to view.

You’ll also find your notes on your Plumb’s home page, which you can access at any time by clicking on the Plumb’s logo in the top left corner of your screen. If you’re using the mobile app, just tap Notes in the bottom navigation bar.

Make your own quick reference list

You know those dog-eared pages and bookmarks in your copy of Plumb’s? There’s a digital tool for those, too.

In Plumb’s, you can use the favorites tool to create a personal quick reference list for the content you refer to most often.

Your list might include that Veterinary Medication Guide you’re constantly printing; the drug monographs you use just often enough to want handy but not enough to commit to heart; and time-saving appendices.

To add content to your favorites list, click on the star icon at the top of a content page or next to the title name in search results. Once the star turns blue, you’ll find that drug monograph or medication guide with the rest of your favorites the next time you visit your home page.

Personalize your digital Plumb’s

These examples are just one approach to personalizing Plumb’s—your way might be different. That’s the beauty of it: The digital platform lets you customize for your processes and preferences.

Don’t have a Plumb’s subscription yet? Choose your plan and start saving your notes today.