What Makes Plumb’s Pro Different From Your Usual Clinical Resources

December 10, 2021
3 min

You’ve thought about it too, haven’t you? When you’re pulling that fourth textbook off the shelf or scanning yet another page of marginally relevant search results, you picture that perfect veterinary resource. The one you know should exist. The one with the information you need (and answers you can trust) in one place. We’re thrilled to make that dream come true with the launch of Plumb’s Pro. This all-new clinical decision support tool has everything you’d include on your wishlist for a perfect partner in veterinary patient care.

1. The content is relevant to your cases.

When you subscribe to Plumb’s Pro, you get all-new, original clinical content, specifically designed for you to use in the flow of your everyday practice.

Discover clinical content that’s easy to use when the appointments don’t stop coming:

Plus, get tips and tricks right where you need them with reference radiographs and how-to videos embedded in clinical monographs.

Make sure you have the support you need when cases don’t go according to plan, too. In our clinical monographs, you’ll find information on common clinical challenges as well as guidance for when clients can’t elect optimal care.

Plumb’s content is written by experts and tested and reviewed by people who use it—whether that’s practicing veterinarians or, in the case of pet owner guides, pet owners—to make sure it’s accurate, relevant, and concise. 

2. The platform is ridiculously easy to use.

With streamlined search, you can get answers with a few clicks, whether you need a dosage for fluoxetine or the latest treatments for feline herpesvirus. Smart search even corrects for common misspellings. (Levetiracetam, anyone?)

Plumb’s Pro not only includes all of the popular Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs content, but it also uses the same clean, reliable interface that allows for access everywhere. So from the nearest workstation to the phone in your pocket, you can access trusted clinical decision support from any internet-connected device.

3. Quick tools save you time in practice.

Digging through drawers for a calculator? Typing up notes for a pet owner about their pet’s condition? With Plumb’s Pro, you can take that time back.

This powerful platform comes with convenient features that help you work more efficiently, whether you’re saving a note on a preferred protocol or educating your client about their pet’s procedure.

From any device, you can quickly share clean, professional handouts on your patient’s clinical conditions and recommended medications. You can even email any relevant notes to pet owners all at once (without revealing your contact information).

Plus, tweak Plumb’s to fit the way you practice (whether you love nutrition or neurology) with simple personalization features like notes and favorites.

4. You can trust the answers you find.

You need information you can count on. With Plumb’s Pro, you won’t have to second-guess whether the information you’ve found is accurate or up to date. 

The content in Plumb’s is written, peer reviewed, and verified by boarded veterinary specialists and practicing veterinarians as well as the award-winning editorial team behind Clinician’s Brief and Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs.

And just like Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs, Plumb’s Pro content is continually updated. So you don’t have to worry about buying new editions to stay current.

Some of our most recent content releases cover:

  • Exenatide (including its impact on insulin)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Recently approved tigilanol tiglate
  • Grape and raisin toxicosis
  • And more!

The best part? Updates are included in your subscription. That means no hidden costs or extra fees to stay up to date.

Make Plumb’s Pro part of your toolkit

With the all-new Plumb’s Pro, you can have everything you need to diagnose, treat, and prescribe—and educate pet owners—just a click away. Get peace of mind (and maybe even leave the clinic on time) with the next big thing in veterinary care. 

Want to see this new clinical decision support tool in action? Watch a free demo.

Ready to add Plumb’s Pro to your practice? Explore plans.