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Save your tips and preferred protocols for easy access anytime.


Create your own quick reference list with content you use most.


Make quick conversions and calculations on the go.

“The calculator function is amazing. Type in weight in pounds, instantly convert to kilograms, and pop back over to the calculator to get your dose. Takes out a little of the work, which is fantastic!”
Elizabeth Carter, DVM

Keep key insights within reach

No more searching through your stacks for your favorite fact. Keep important information (like protocols, tips, and warnings) just a click away with editable notes you can add and access from anywhere.

Save time with shortcuts

What content do you reach for over and over? Whether it’s a specific drug, algorithm, or pet owner handout, pin your favorites for even faster access.

Convenient calculations on the go

Giving 0.5 mL/kg of 10 mg/fl oz lactulose to a 6 lb 3 oz patient? When practice feels like a pharmacology pop quiz, snag the in-app calculator to convert common units and double-check your doses.

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