Drug Interaction Checker

Protect patients from potential drug interactions

Get veterinary-specific guidance with the drug interaction checker, an interactive tool that helps you evaluate treatment decisions for the animals in your care.

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What Is the Drug Interaction Checker?

See how this interactive tool can make practice easier—and help you keep your patients safer.

Make informed decisions with animal-specific guidelines

With the drug interaction checker, you’ll get guidance specific to veterinary patients. Results for more than 25,000 interactions include animal-specific information based on current evidence.

Check drugs for potential interactions

Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Enter two or more drugs to check for drug-to-drug interactions—from minor additive effects to major absorption concerns—and determine the best path forward for your patient.

Treat confidently with expert insights

Content in the drug interaction checker is continually reviewed for clinical relevance by our expert team of veterinarians and veterinary pharmacists, including a veterinary pharmacologist, so it’s easier for you to confidently evaluate your treatment decisions.

Measure risk based on 5 classification levels

This tool currently includes more than 25,000 interactions between frequently used drugs, with new interactions being continually added. Classifications range from contraindicated (ie, don’t do it!) to no known interaction, with three levels of caution in between: major, moderate, and minor.

Get clinically relevant recommendations

Because the Plumb’s drug interaction checker is built specifically for veterinary practice, results include recommendations that are actually relevant to dogs and cats.

Review your patient’s full medication list

Enter all of your patient’s medications at once to see how each drug interacts with each of the others.

This tool is a beta version and is undergoing continual medical review and content updates. Results generated by the drug interaction checker represent one-to-one drug interactions only and are intended to supplement the knowledge and clinical judgement of veterinarians using this tool.

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