Veterinary Drug Handouts: Your Secret to Convenient Pet Owner Education

June 11, 2021
4 min

Ever seen an important detail be misunderstood when you’re telling a client how to medicate their animal at home? Occasionally, the result is a harmless mixup. For instance, when a medication you prescribed for the right ear is given in the left instead. But more often than not, confusion and misunderstandings can be distressing for pet owners and even dangerous for patients.

As veterinary professionals, we are serious about our responsibility for setting pet owners and patients up for success. This commitment shows in the time and resources we devote every day to educating clients about medicating their pets.

When their pet needs treatment, clients may feel stressed and confused. It’s easy to forget or misunderstand the instructions we give, and clients don’t always ask questions—even when they have them. Some may be afraid to ask what they think is a dumb question. Others may worry they’re bothering us if they call after the appointment. And if something does go wrong, clients might feel like the practice didn’t appropriately warn them.

Communicating so much important information effectively and efficiently isn’t easy. But with the right tools, it can be much easier. Let’s see why veterinary and pharmacy teams use Plumb’s drug handouts to provide clear, complete drug information efficiently.

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Save time and ensure patient safety

Pet owners seem to have the most questions right after we hand them their pets’ medications. Taking the time to answer their questions thoroughly can be tough, especially during appointment transitions or when discharging multiple patients.

Imagine how much time we could save by making these conversations a little shorter—without sacrificing patient safety (or client experience).

That’s where Plumb’s drug handouts come in. Incorporating these printable handouts into your workflow can:

  • Make it easier to delegate client drug counseling conversations to team members
  • Simplify the documentation of disclosures in the medical record
  • Reduce phone-tag follow-ups with other caregivers who got instructions secondhand

In addition, the handouts are easy to find, package together, and print or email from the closest device. And don’t worry—your email address stays secret. Plus, you can even send the clinic a copy of the email to include in the patient’s medical record.

An example of the handout email feature in Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs

Skip the pharmacy jargon

Veterinary teams who rely on Clinician’s Brief and Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs for quality information that’s easy to understand will love what Plumb’s drug handouts do for their clients.

Pet owners wrapping their minds around their pet’s recent osteoarthritis diagnosis don’t need the added complication of trying to translate terms like “hypersensitivity,” “palatability,” or “hepatic dysfunction.”

Plumb’s drug handouts include the same accurate drug information you trust, written in clear, straightforward language that makes sense to clients, so they know what’s normal and when to call you with concerns.

Provide comprehensive drug information

Plumb’s drug handouts don’t need complex language to be comprehensive. They cover the essential information that pet owners want to know—and that new laws like California’s Lizzie’s Law require veterinary teams to disclose.

Each drug information sheet explains:

  • How to give the medication
  • When the medication starts working and how long effects last
  • What the pet owner should do if they miss a dose
  • What to do if they don’t use all of the medication
  • Potential side effects, contraindications, and other precautions
  • Plus more practical, concise advice

And, because even comprehensive drug information isn’t one-size-fits-all, these drug handouts include a section where you can add specialized instructions.

So, when the pet owner needs to give 3 eye medications in a specific order or when the pet needs fasting blood work performed before their next refill, you can provide customized drug details to keep them informed. There’s even a specific spot to stick a drug label. 

There’s always more to do than time to do it in a veterinary practice. But the time and effort team members spend getting client education right is an important investment. And with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be a burden. Use Plumb’s drug handouts to reclaim some of those resources.

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