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With notes and favorites in Plumb’s, you can seamlessly save your most important insights and bookmark frequently accessed content—from any device.

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Attach notes

Save your favorite tips, protocols, and warnings anywhere in Plumb’s, right where you need them.

Save favorites

Find key information even faster with quick access to your notes and favorites.

Access everywhere

Your favorites and notes automatically sync to all your devices.

Get what you need, when you need it

Plumb’s is known for making veterinary practice easier. Save all your notes and bookmark content you access daily to personalize Plumb’s for the way you practice—whether you have a special interest in dermatology or see a little bit of everything.

Faster access to all your favorites

What are you always reaching for? From that easy-to-forget trazodone dose to your favorite client handout on constipation, bookmarking your favorites makes it even easier to find the information you need most.

A second brain, always available

From diagnosis to discharge, you have a million things to remember to keep a patient’s care on track. Add customized tips, protocols, and warnings in the sections of Plumb’s you’re already referencing.

All your information in one location

Wouldn’t it be nice to cut down on all the cross-checking? Add your most-referenced pearls to Plumb’s and spend less time flipping through textbooks looking for that one sticky note.

Add insights in real time

Jot down a colleague’s advice or capture key CE insights before you forget. Reach for your phone or any other internet-connected device to access your notes from anywhere.

Explore the features

Notes and favorites are exclusively available for plans with individual sign-in credentials. Enterprise plans (common in universities and large veterinary practice groups) are not able to offer personalization features.

“I find Plumb’s to be an invaluable resource. I use both the website version and the iOS app version multiple times each day. They both work extremely well, [and] the user interface is clean, concise, and easy to navigate.”
Jim Botsford, DVM
Woodland Animal Hospital

Personalize Plumb’s for your practice

Keep your favorite insights all in one place.

  • Star content to make your own quick reference list for instant access any time.
  • Add tips, protocols, and warnings right where you need them.
  • Access from anywhere—your notes and favorites automatically sync across your devices.
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More ways to use Plumb’s

Plumb’s Pro is designed to support you throughout the patient care process. Dive into more areas of support and see how you can leverage this tool from diagnosis to discharge.

Dx & Tx

Get convenient clinical guidance

Find everything you need for case workup—from diagnostic and treatment flowcharts to in-depth Dx & Tx that help you determine what’s best for the patient right in front of you.

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Drug Monographs
Drug Interaction Checker

Make prescribing
safer and simpler

Get the convenient, species-specific drug information and easy-to-use veterinary drug interaction checker veterinarians trust for confident prescribing.

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