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With Plumb’s, you can depend on the convenient, species-specific drug information and easy-to-use veterinary drug interaction checker that veterinarians trust for confident prescribing.

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Continually updated

Stay current with continual updates from experts in veterinary medicine and pharmacy.


Rely on the indispensable drug reference veterinarians have trusted for over 30 years.

Easy to use

Find dosages in seconds with the organized, streamlined digital platform.

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Dosages, adverse effects, contraindications: it’s all seconds away on the nearest internet-connected device. With interactive tools and streamlined search, prescribing medications for animals is easier than ever.

Find drug details from (just about) anywhere

Plumb’s is available everywhere you need it, from your office computer, the pharmacy tablet, or the phone at your side. It’s your go-to drug reference—wherever practice takes you.

Stay current with continual updates

With Plumb’s, you get automatic access to essential updates as they roll out—at no additional charge. It’s like having our expert team of veterinary specialists and pharmacists right in your pocket.

Double-check drug interactions

Assess patient safety with the first-of-its-kind veterinary drug interaction checker. Review known drug-to-drug interactions—from mild to potentially life-threatening—between your patient’s current and proposed medications.

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“I find Plumb’s to be an invaluable resource. The user interface is clean, concise, and easy to navigate, [and] I can always find exactly what I’m looking for in seconds. Plumb’s is my most used resource day in and day out.”
Jim Botsford, DVM
Woodland Animal Hospital

Accurate information is just a click away

Get answers faster and second-guess less with the support of Plumb’s:

  • Search by drug or trade name
  • Jump directly to dosages with helpful links
  • Double-check a patient’s drug list for potential interactions
  • Make quick conversions with the built-in calculator
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More ways to use Plumb’s

Plumb’s Pro is designed to support you across the spectrum of patient care. Dive into more areas of support and see how you can leverage this tool from diagnosis to discharge.

Dx & Tx

Get convenient clinical guidance

Find everything you need for case workup—from diagnostic and treatment flowcharts to in-depth Dx & Tx that help you determine what’s best for the patient right in front of you.

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Drug Handouts

Help pet owners provide confident care

Share these concise, easy-to-understand handouts to help pet owners and their families absorb important information about their pet’s condition and medications.

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