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With Plumb’s Pro, the practical clinical insights you need are just a tap away. Find trusted diagnostic and treatment information from any device to confidently choose the next step for the patient in front of you.

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Choose your next step with practical clinical guidance designed for accurate answers at the point of care.


Get insights on everything from acne to vehicular trauma in a growing library of trusted content.


Find what you’re looking for in seconds with easy-to-use navigation and site-wide search.

Cut through the noise to find the information you need

Find answers quickly with an organized, easy-to-use interface designed for busy practicing veterinarians, whether you’re facing feline conjunctivitis or acute respiratory distress.

Keep your appointments on track

Plumb’s Pro keeps continually updated, peer-reviewed treatment recommendations just a click away, so you can double-check your treatment plan and start caring for your next patient.

Find your way through confusing cases

When cases don’t go by the book, turn to the peer-reviewed library of practical flowcharts in Plumb’s Pro for diagnostic and treatment advice. Whether the problem is anisocoria or shoulder pain, you can sleep better knowing you didn’t miss a step.

Brush up before appointments

Haven’t seen one of those in a while? Is your next consultation a second opinion? Review clinical topics in an intuitive format—perfect for a quick skim while your appointment is waiting.

Get recommendations for real cases

When was the last time a case went exactly as expected? Plumb’s Pro has your back with accurate information on common clinical challenges and guidance when pet owners can’t elect optimal care.

Rely on continually updated, expert advice

Plumb’s Pro gives you instant access to essential updates as they roll out, which means you can stop waiting for the next edition of your textbook to stay current.

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“Plumb’s has created the reference I have been yearning for since my first day in practice over 20 years ago.”
Hillary Israeli, VMD
Ivens-Bronstein Veterinary Hospital

Find accurate information at the click of a button

Get answers faster with the support of Plumb’s Pro:

  • Provide confident patient care with convenient tools
  • Double-check diagnostic and treatment workups
  • Access essential information anywhere
  • Find advice that’s peer reviewed and easy-to-use
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More ways to use Plumb’s

Plumb’s Pro is designed to support you throughout the patient care process. Dive into more areas of support and see how you can leverage this tool from diagnosis to discharge.

Clinical Handouts
Drug Handouts

Help pet owners provide confident care

Share these concise, easy-to-understand handouts to help pet owners and their families absorb important information about their pet’s condition and medications.

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Drug Monographs
Drug Interaction Checker

Make prescribing
safer and simpler

Get the convenient, species-specific drug information and easy-to-use veterinary drug interaction checker veterinarians trust for confident prescribing.

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Get powerful clinical support on the go

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