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There’s a Plumb’s for everyone—whether you need a digital veterinary drug reference or a full suite of clinical decision support.

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Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs

A searchable veterinary drug reference with practical prescribing tools

Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs includes:
  • Full drug reference covering dosages, adverse effects, and more on 800+ drugs
  • Animal-specific drug interaction checker
  • Shareable drug handouts for pet owners
  • Built-in conversion calculator
  • Personalization with notes and favorites

Plumb’s Pro

A powerful point-of-care resource with tools for every step of the veterinary patient experience—diagnosis, treatment, and pet owner education

Plumb’s Pro includes:

All the tools and content in Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs, plus:

  • Peer-reviewed, actionable information on presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and more for hundreds of clinical conditions and signs
  • Practical guidance for when optimal care is declined
  • Real-life recommendations from experts for cases that don’t follow expected pathways
  • An extensive library of diagnostic and management flowcharts for step-by-step support
  • Easy-to-understand pet owner handouts on clinical signs, diagnoses, procedures, and more
  • Continual updates to all content at no additional cost

For The Entire Healthcare Team

Clinician, practice manager, community pharmacist—whatever your role on the animal healthcare team, you can rely on Plumb’s to support efficient, effective patient care.

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