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What’s New

Plumb’s Pro is live in the app!

The Plumb’s app for iOS and Android now gives you all the power of Plumb’s Pro on your phone, which means you have powerful support at your fingertips, wherever practice takes you.

What’s New

Clinical Briefs have a new name!

Looking for diagnostic and treatment information? Look for the Dx & Tx label. The name has changed, but these monographs still have all the practical clinical information you rely on every day.

Explore Plumb’s Pro

See a quick walk-through

Get the highlights on the powerful features in Plumb’s Pro and learn how to find what you’re looking for, use the tools, and share guides with pet owners.

*This tour covers the web app, which varies slightly in design and layout from the mobile app. For more information about the mobile app, please visit the Help Center.

**The clinical monographs (Clinical Briefs) mentioned in this tour can now be found under the Dx & Tx label.

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Watch this tutorial with Peggy Burris, DVM, for a full demo of Plumb’s Pro, so you can find what you need faster.

*This tutorial covers the web app, which varies slightly in design and layout from the mobile app. For more information about the mobile app, please visit the Help Center.

**The clinical monographs (Clinical Briefs) mentioned in this tutorial can now be found under the Dx & Tx label.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the site-wide search work?

Start typing in the search bar on any page to get results from the full library of Plumb’s content, from drug monographs and pet owner guides to Dx & Tx (formerly Clinical Briefs) and algorithms. You can search by topic or keyword, including drug names, diseases, and clinical signs.

How do I find diagnostic and treatment information?

Dx & Tx (formerly Clinical Briefs), the clinical monographs in Plumb’s Pro, are searchable by disease or clinical sign (eg, wobbler syndrome, blindness) via the search bar. You can also browse the full library on the Dx & Tx landing page, which you can access through the top navigation bar, under Clinical Tools, or under Features in the iOS and Android app.

Where did the Clinical Briefs go?

Clinical Briefs got a new name! Now when you’re looking for diagnostic and treatment information, look for the Dx & Tx label. We’ll be rolling out this change in stages, so you might see the Clinical Briefs name here and there a bit longer. Know the content hasn’t changed—just the name.

Where do I find drug information?

Use the search bar to search by drug or trade name. You can select Drug Monographs from the top navigation bar or the Features page in the app to browse the library alphabetically. Simply click on the drug name to access the full monograph.

Is there an app?

Yes! Plumb’s Pro is now available in the Plumb’s app. It’s free for subscribers to download for iOS or Android. Just search for Plumb’s in your app store. Please note: If you’re accessing Plumb’s Pro without unique sign-in credentials (eg, via enterprise or large practice group accounts), you won’t be able to use the Plumb’s app, but you will continue to have access to the website via your mobile browser.

How does the drug interaction checker work?

Click on the Drug Interaction Checker in the menu at the top of the page or on the Features page in the mobile app. Enter a drug name in the tool and select a match from the drop-down list that appears. You can add as many drugs as needed to evaluate potential drug-to-drug interactions. Each drug pairing is assigned a relevant risk classification, so you can review your options and make informed decisions for your patients.

How do I print or email several pet owner guides at once?

From the Pet Owner Guides page in the web app, use the search bar to locate the guides you would like to send. Click on the plus icon on each search result to select the guide. Then click Print All Guides or Email All Guides at the bottom of your screen to add your custom notes and share them as a single file.

If you’re using the mobile app, you can select multiple guides using the Guide Options pages. To access, just tap on a guide title and then tap Add to list. You can then use the back button to return to search and locate the other guides you need. Tap Print or Email from the Guide Options page to share with the pet owner.

I don’t remember how to spell my search term. Can I still find what I’m looking for?

Yes! You can just type the first or last few letters and Plumb’s will start populating results. For example, if you type “cef”, Plumb’s will show you drugs starting with that prefix. If you enter a few characters but don’t see what you’re looking for, continue typing to narrow your results further.

What is the support staff role?

Because support staff often play a key role in pet owner education and the patient discharge process, Plumb’s Pro includes a support staff role in multi-user plans that exclusively allows the user to search, print, and email pet owner guides. Admins can enable this role in their group management settings, and it does not affect available full-access licenses.

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