Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook®

Tenth Edition Errata

Below is a list of the errors that were found in the first printing of the Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook®, Tenth Edition. These errors have already been resolved in the content on the Plumb’s app and website.

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See ninth edition errata

List of Errata and Corrections

Page numbers are included. Please make note of these changes in your book.

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Systemic Monographs

In the Client Information section, the sixth bullet incorrectly lists the drug name as “Sarolaner.” The drug name should be listed as “Afoxolaner.”


In the Uses/Indications section, the first sentence of the third paragraph incorrectly states the duration as 72 hours. The sentence should read “In cats, one product (Simbadol® ) is a high concentration (1.8 mg/mL), long duration (24 hours) form of buprenorphine…”
In the Pharmacology section, the last sentence of the first paragraph incorrectly states the duration as 72 hours. The sentence should read “The high-concentration, long-duration buprenorphine product lasts 24 hours when given SC to cats.”


In the Dosages section, under Horse indications (Horses–>Analgesic–>c)–>iv), the units in bold were incorrectly listed as μg/kg/hour; units for butorphanol portion of the IV CRI should read mg/kg/hour as listed here: Butorphanol 0.02 mg/kg combined with dexmedetomidine 3.5 μg/kg and given as an initial IV bolus followed by butorphanol 0.024 mg/kg/hour with dexmedetomidine 3.5 μg/kg/hour IV CRI provided clinically sufficient sedation for 30 minutes.

Calcium, IV (-Borogluconate, -Chloride, -Gluconate)

In the Dosage Forms/Regulatory Status section, under Veterinary-Labeled Products, the equivalent mg elemental calcium per mL was incorrectly listed as 21.4 mg for the calcium gluconate 23% solution. The sentence should read “Calcium Gluconate 23% (230 mg/mL; equivalent to 21.4 mg [1.07 mEq] elemental calcium per mL), in 500 mL bottles; (OTC).


In the Pharmacokinetics section, in the third sentence of the first paragraph “…peak concentration is ≈16 mg/mL” should be replaced with “…peak concentration is ≈16 µg/mL.”


In the Drug Interactions section, the description for CYCLOSPORINE should be replaced with “A study in dogs showed that cyclosporine can increase clopidogrel peak concentration, but drug exposure was the same as compared with clopidogrel alone.”


In the Monitoring section, “(eg, Feline Grimace Scale)” should be removed from the second bullet. Corrected bullet should read “Pain scale or rating system.”

Insulin Detemir

In the Client Information section, the third bullet (Both veterinary-approved insulins have owner information sheets, client-friendly handouts, and websites to provide client support on administration and use of insulin) was listed incorrectly and should be removed.


In the Drug Interactions section, the second bullet (ANALGESICS, SEDATIVES, TRANQUILIZERS, AND/OR ANESTHETIC AGENTS, OTHER) incorrectly states “increase” instead of “decrease.” This bullet should read “Vatinoxan blocked the decrease in alfaxalone clearance caused by medetomidine.”


In the Dosages section, under Dogs for the indication of Stressful situations, Pre-appointment calming (Dogs–>Stressful situations>Pre-appointment calming>table), remove “(lb)” from the “Body weight in kg (lb)” in the table header so it reads “Body weight in kg”; add “mg/dog” to the “Amount of melatonin to administer/dog (NOT mg/kg)” table header so that it reads “Amount of melatonin to administer (mg/dog [NOT mg/kg]).”


In the Pharmacokinetics section, the last sentence in the first paragraph should state: “Absorbed oxfendazole is metabolized to oxfendazole sulfone (inactive).”


In the Dosages section, under Dogs for the indication of Coccidiosis (Dogs– >Parasitic diseases>Coccidiosis> a and b), the weight in lbs should be listed as 8.8 lb: “a) Body weight less than 4 kg (8.8 lb)…” and “b) Body weight greater than 4 kg (8.8 lb)…”

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