Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook®

Tenth Edition Errata

Below is a list of the errors that were found in the first printing of the Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook®, Tenth Edition. These errors have already been resolved in the content on the Plumb’s app and website.

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See ninth edition errata

List of Errata and Corrections

Page numbers are included. Please make note of these changes in your book.

page #
Systemic Monographs

[REMOVE summary listed][REPLACE with] A study in dogs showed that cyclosporine can increase clopidogrel peak concentration, but drug exposure was the same as compared with clopidogrel alone.


Monitoring–>second bullet–>Pain scale or rating system [REMOVE: (eg, Feline Grimace Scale)]

Insulin Detemir

Client Information–>[REMOVE bullet point] 3. Both veterinary- approved insulins have owner information sheets, client-friendly handouts, and websites to provide client support on administration and use of insulin.


Drug Interactions–>ANALGESICS, SEDATIVES, TRANQUILIZERS, AND/OR ANESTHETIC AGENTS, OTHER:…2nd bullet: Vatinoxan blocked the [REMOVE increase][REPLACE with decrease] in alfaxalone clearance caused by medetomidine.

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