Clinical Handouts

Help pet owners provide confident care

These printable handouts review essential information about common clinical conditions, procedures, and preventive care—in language everyone can understand.

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Easy to understand

Handouts are written in clear language with the pet owner in mind.

Convenient to share

Print or email from any device—without revealing your email address.

Written by experts

Brought to you by the trusted team behind Plumb’s and Clinician’s Brief.

“All the new features in Plumb’s Pro are AMAZING. I especially like the information that is available to send to clients. The email feature makes it super easy and quick to use.”
Michelle V. Schenley, DVM, CCRP
Animal Clinic of Rockbridge

What you get

Everything from aggression to zinc-responsive dermatosis

This growing library includes hundreds of handouts on common clinical signs, test results, diagnoses, procedures, and even vaccinations, so you can support pet owners with ease.

Stay ahead of common questions

Informed pet owners are better prepared to make confident choices for their pet’s care. By covering the essentials, clinical handouts reassure pet owners and save you a round or two of phone tag.

Provide accurate guidance in simple language

It’s easy for pet owners to feel overwhelmed when we explain their pet’s condition. Help them bring home crucial information in terms the whole family can understand.

Share expert advice plus practical perspective

These handouts are written by practicing veterinarians and reviewed by veterinary specialists, and they contain reliable, up-to-date recommendations in a consistent, easy-to-follow format.

How it works

Effective, efficient pet owner education

Pet owner education is one of the most essential—and potentially time-consuming—parts of practice. Use these handouts to start discussions and help owners remember key details even after they head home.

Search easily from any device

Start typing a sign or diagnosis (like azotemia or whipworm), and Plumb’s will automatically offer results you can view, print, or email.

Print to package with discharge paperwork

Whether you’ve selected one handout or several, they’re easy to print (along with any drug handouts) and provide at discharge.

Email handouts directly to pet owners

Send digital copies in seconds using the built-in email form, without giving away your contact information.

Make record-keeping easier

Use the blind copy email feature—or print an extra copy—to add to the patient’s medical record and document what was reviewed with the pet owner.

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