Clear roadmaps for your clinical cases

Manage difficult diagnoses and confusing test results with this growing collection of concise, easy-to-follow handouts to case management.

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Get the practical, clinically relevant insights you need to manage your case.


See your path forward through testing, differentials, and treatment.

Easy to follow

Confirm what you’ve covered and catch what you’ve missed with these straightforward roadmaps.

“Plumb’s has created the reference I have been yearning for since my first day in practice over 20 years ago!”
Hillary Israeli, VMD
Ivens-Bronstein Veterinary Hospital

Feel confident in your diagnostic process

Rely on expert-written, peer-reviewed guidance from the pages of Clinician’s Brief, now in a searchable format that’s easy to use at any step of your case.

Find a clear(er) path forward

Whether you’re starting with clinical signs or a specific diagnosis, algorithms can guide your decision-making and help you efficiently choose next steps.

Prepare for client conversations

Plan your next steps and help pet owners know what to expect as you work through diagnostics and eliminate differentials.

Get quick answers for tough cases

Stumped by a unique case? Review tests and differentials you haven’t considered and figure out what’s next.

Confident Case Management at your fingertips

Search the library of 100+ diagnostic and treatment flowcharts by topic or keyword to get step-by-step case support on everything from anemia and red eye to chronic diarrhea in cats.

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How Algorithms Help Veterinarians Clarify Clinical Choices

August 1, 2022
4 min

Algorithms provide visual, step-by-step support to help you efficiently make or double-check clinical decisions in routine, complex, urgent, or refractory cases.

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How Plumb’s Pro Supports Veterinary Teams From Diagnosis to Discharge

December 9, 2021
5 min

Max’s case may seem simple, but it clearly shows how a more seamless practice is possible with the all-new Plumb’s Pro.

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The Best Way to Double-Check Drug Interactions in Animals

July 19, 2021
3 min

It's impossible to memorize every potential drug interaction for your patients. See how the new drug interaction checker in Plumb's can provide the backup you need.

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Get expert clinical direction that’s easy to use

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