Why Relief Veterinarians and Plumb’s Pro Are a Perfect Pair

February 15, 2024
5 min

Dear relief veterinarians, thank you. You and your colleagues make so much possible. 

Thanks to you…

… that solo practitioner was able to stay (relatively) sane through another busy season.

… that local ER was able to keep its doors open.

… that busy practice got to take their time and find the perfect hire.

You chose this work because of its unique benefits, but you know its tradeoffs, too. 

As a relief veterinarian, you sacrifice benefits the rest of us sometimes take for granted, like having trusted colleagues close at hand, our favorite textbooks waiting for us on the bookshelf, a drawer full of pre-printed client handouts, and access to the clinic after hours so we can stay late making calls or writing records. 

In a field of professionals already known for ingenuity, you’re asked to be even more flexible, independent, and efficient. 

Don’t you deserve some relief too? We’ve got a tool that can make it all easier.

Clinical Decision Support for Relief Veterinarians

What if, no matter where you found yourself, you could pull out your phone and with a single search, easily access the information you needed to move on to your next case?

No waiting for a workstation. No backpack full of books and notes. No more navigating complicated menus on websites or internet forums to find the answers you need. 

With Plumb’s Pro™, our clinical decision support tool, it’s not a what-if anymore.

What exactly is a clinical decision support tool, you might ask?

It’s like a combination of your must-have practice references, but practical, peer-reviewed, continually updated, and completely searchable from a single web and mobile app you can access anywhere.

Here’s why you’ll love it.

1. It’s easy to use anywhere—even on your phone.

When you’re not sure what textbooks or technology you’ll have on any given day, sometimes it’s easier to just rely on yourself.

Unfortunately, unless you appreciate the workout, lugging trustworthy textbooks around takes some effort. 

While emerging digital options have been helpful, many leave something to be desired as far as ease of use goes, especially when you’re trying to read on your phone. 

Plumb’s Pro™, however,  is built with the on-the-go veterinarian in mind. As a team, we regularly get hands-on feedback from practicing veterinarians to make sure Plumb’s Pro™ is intuitive and easy to use—even for those of us who would rather crack open a book than navigate a website. 

That ease of use extends to the client education tools in Plumb’s Pro™, too. The professional pet owner handouts in Plumb’s Pro™ are easy to email to clients without revealing your (or the clinic’s) email address. You can even download them to attach to the patient record so the clinic team knows what’s been communicated to the pet owner.

As hard as you try to minimize work done off the clock, clinic expectations for follow-up vary. Because Plumb’s Pro™ is accessible anywhere from any device, if you have to respond to a pet owner or clinic team member from home, you can pull up the app in seconds to find the answers you need and quickly move on with your day. 

2. The information is written by experts for point-of-care decision-making.

Of course, your primary concern is doing right by your patients. At the same time, you also have to juggle your professional reputation and the expectations of the practices that hire you. Colleagues may only know you by your medical notes.

Plumb’s Pro™ has your back when it comes to working up or double-checking your cases. The content is easy to use, written by experts, peer reviewed, and continually updated. If clients or colleagues have questions about your approach, you’ll have a trustworthy resource to refer back to.

Plus, you can add your own information to Plumb’s Pro™ through customized notes. Only you know the wide variety of protocols your practices prefer—tuck those highlights right where you need them. They’ll stay synced no matter where you log in. 

Plumb’s Pro™ can also help you make confident prescribing decisions and protect your patients from potential drug interactions. Any veterinarian’s nightmare is inadvertently causing harm to a patient. The first-of-its-kind drug interaction checker in Plumb’s Pro™ offers extra support to help ensure this doesn’t happen, no matter how many drugs your patient is on. 

3. Time-saving features help you be even more efficient.

The practices that hire you may expect you to work as fast—if not faster than—their day-to-day veterinarians, without the advantages of established relationships and organizational knowledge. Anything that can help you stay on schedule is a definite plus, especially when there’s pressure to have all your records finished and be ready to walk out the door at closing time.  

Here are some of the particularly useful features that’ll help you move through your cases quickly.

Quick, convenient search

Smart search helps you find what you need, even if you can’t remember what they’re calling HGE these days or which vowel goes where in levetiracetam. 

Simple navigation

Quick links let you jump straight to the diagnostic or treatment information you need to choose your next step.

Helpful personalization for the way you work

The favorites list gives you one-click access to the information you need most often.

Relief Veterinarians Deserve Plumb’s Pro™ 

Without relief veterinarians like you, the industry would grind to a screeching halt. You make our profession possible.

The speed, reliability, and portability of Plumb’s Pro™ can support you in performing efficient, effective, and highly mobile work every day. Learn more about plans and pricing here.

To make subscribing even easier, we’ve partnered with Relief Rover to offer their members a discount of nearly $350 per year on Plumb’s Pro™. Get the details and snag your discount here.

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