Top 3 Benefits of the Plumb’s Pro App

August 29, 2022
3 min

When you have 10 patients and 2 hours of charts waiting for you around the corner, you don’t have time to track down reliable information from multiple resources. You need trusted answers, and you need them fast. 

We’ve had days like that too. That’s why we created Plumb’s Pro™. We knew it could make things better.

But don’t take our word for it.

Veterinarians from different walks of veterinary life, who hadn’t used the Plumb’s Pro app before, took it for a test drive. They sat down with an independent agency that we’d tasked with finding out how well Plumb’s Pro worked in clinical practice and what we could do to make it even easier to use. 

Here’s what your colleagues found most helpful.

1. Speed

Much of the positive feedback we heard was about how quickly Plumb’s Pro helped veterinarians find the answer they needed and move on to their next appointment.

They could skip searching through 3 or 4 textbooks or scrolling through forum posts because all the information they needed was in one place.

They also loved efficiency-inducing features like:

  • Favorites that show up first thing, getting you to the information you repeatedly need—without searching or scrolling
  • Predictive search that guesses what you want (especially helpful with terms that are hard to spell)
  • A list of recently viewed content for those inevitable moments when you get side-tracked and just need a reminder of what you were looking for
  • Shortcuts for diving right into diagnostic or treatment information

And best of all, they felt it was easy to use. In the heat of practice, our tools must be efficient, available, and intuitive, and that’s a top priority for Plumb’s Pro.

2. Trusted Information

Whether they needed to reference common medical concerns or off-the-wall diagnoses, veterinarians felt the growing library of algorithms, clinical monographs, and client guides in Plumb’s Pro had them covered. Many appreciated the “just right” amount of information they found in Plumb’s compared to other clinical resources.

They reported reaching for the Plumb’s Pro app when:

  • Building a treatment sheet between appointments
  • Double-checking their top rule-outs
  • Quickly providing clinical support from home
  • Printing or emailing client handouts from the exam room

Something we didn’t expect? The especially efficient veterinarians who didn’t just use pet owner guides to educate owners but also used them as a quick clinical review for themselves.

3. Mobility

Another point in its favor? Being able to use all the Plumb’s Pro features from your favorite device. 

Among those who tested Plumb’s Pro, preferences varied. Some loved using it on their phones while others were desktop devotees. But almost everyone mixed it up at least a little.

It helped to have the freedom to choose based on personal preference as well as what worked at the moment.

  • Reviewing client records? Open Plumb’s on Chrome for side-by-side viewing.
  • Already in an exam room? Pull up Plumb’s on the tablet you keep there for client education.
  • Need to provide a colleague with quick support from home? Open the app on your phone.

One veterinarian said they had some solace on a day they forgot their phone at home because even though it felt like they were missing a limb, they could still access Plumb’s.

Its availability makes Plumb’s Pro even more convenient and efficient. It works wherever you work.

These are just a few examples of how we depend on the real-life feedback of veterinarians who use our products every day to create and continually improve tools you won’t want to practice without. 

Experience the fruit of these insights yourself. Get your subscription to Plumb’s Pro today.