Plumb’s™ App Wins Gold at the 6th Annual VETTY Awards

January 16, 2023
3 min

We’re thrilled to announce that Plumb’s Pro™, the revolutionary new tool from Plumb’s™, just won gold in the app category at the 2023 Animal Health Marketing Awards (also known as the VETTYs) at this year’s NAVC Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX). 

Since 2017, the VETTY Awards® have recognized and rewarded marketing excellence in the animal health community.

The app category was open to apps used to promote a veterinary product or service to veterinary professionals or animal owners. This included interactive mobile apps for tablets, smartphones, and wearable devices or interactive apps for desktop- and laptop-based web browsers. 

The Plumb’s Pro™ app has been praised for its easy-to-use platform and intuitive navigation that help busy veterinarians quickly and efficiently find the clinical support they need. 

We’re honored that Plumb’s Pro™ was recognized within such an impressive community of advocates for animal health. Review the full list of this year’s winners on the VETTYs website.

About Plumb’s Pro™

Plumb’s Pro™ is a clinical decision support tool with all the essential information veterinary teams need to work up cases, choose treatments, and educate clients—all on one easy-to-use, continually updated app and website. It was designed to help animal care teams make confident decisions for every patient—from diagnosis to discharge.  

Among other benefits, this powerful new clinical tool:

  • Utilizes an intuitive, site-wide search so veterinarians can find the answers they need in seconds from any mobile device.
  • Makes prescribing safer and simpler with trusted, continually updated drug information and the first-of-its-kind veterinary drug interaction checker
  • Helps veterinarians find essential diagnostic and treatment information fast, with practical, peer-reviewed Dx & Tx monographs on hundreds of clinical conditions and signs.
  • Gives veterinarians step-by-step clinical support with algorithms that help guide decision-making.
  • Promotes simpler client education with a library of pet owner guides that are easy to access and share with pet owners right from Plumb’s™.
  • Keeps veterinarians abreast of important changes in treatment, diagnosis, and other care recommendations with content that’s continually updated by our team of experts.

Explore all the award-winning features of Plumb’s Pro™ here

What are veterinarians saying about Plumb’s Pro™? 

“All the new features in Plumb’s Pro are AMAZING. So easy to use and such wonderful information. I especially like the information that is available to send to clients. The email feature makes it super easy and quick to use.”

Michelle V. Schenley, DVM, CCRP

“Plumb’s Pro has replaced my strong attachment to three quick reference textbooks and an online service. [It] provides concise discussions of disease conditions and diagnostic algorithms by clinical signs… in addition to the Plumb’s drug monographs.”

Thomas McCoy, DVM

“Plumb’s Pro has given me added confidence in my diagnostic and therapeutic approach to my patients. The comprehensive monographs and algorithms not only provide educational content for clients but offer a practical approach to case workup that stays current with the literature.”

Alex Blutinger, VMD, DACVECC

About The VETTY Awards

The VETTYs were introduced in 2017 by NAVC, the world’s leading not-for-profit association dedicated to supporting the global veterinary health community. They recognize and reward the dedication, passion, and creativity of animal health marketing teams in animal health advertising, design, digital, experiential, and social marketing.

The competition is open to products and services available through veterinarians or that support the veterinary community, including pharmaceuticals, pet foods, diagnostic equipment, professional associations, pet advocate organizations, and more. You can find more information at