Introducing the New Plumb’s Conversion Calculator

February 20, 2019
3 min

We created Plumb’s to make prescribing veterinary drugs faster and easier. It’s designed to simplify key steps in your workflow, like getting up-to-date information about the drugs you’re prescribing or counseling a pet owner about how to give a drug at home. Or, in the case of our new veterinary conversion calculator, making it easier to quickly calculate a mg/kg dose of levothyroxine for the 92-lb Alaskan malamute who’s standing on your foot.

Plumb’s is designed to solve common problems we all face in veterinary practice. Especially the ones that eat up our precious time.

Tracking down a calculator (it’s never in the drawer where you left it) or flipping through your phone to find the veterinary conversion app isn’t the most efficient use of your already limited time.

So, we built a conversion calculator in Plumb’s. We could certainly use it, and we’re betting you could, too.

How the Conversion Calculator Works

Here’s what you can do with the built-in Plumb’s conversion calculator:

  • Easily convert between commonly used units in one click:
    • lb / kg
    • oz / g
    • mg / mcg
    • ml / fl oz
    • C° / F°
  • Calculate your dose or check your math with the calculator function.
  • Keep your result when you toggle from the conversion to the calculator function.
  • Access from any mobile or desktop browser.

The conversion calculator is currently available on the Plumb’s website. To access, open an internet browser (like Google Chrome or Safari) and sign in to your Plumb’s account at You can do this from a computer or any mobile device.

For a quick tutorial on the calculator, see the guide below or watch this video.

How to Access the Conversion Calculator

Getting to your Plumb’s conversion calculator is simple. Here’s a quick guide.

Sign in to Plumb’s

Open an internet browser (like Google Chrome or Safari) and visit to sign in.

Open a drug

Click on any drug name to open a monograph.

Open the calculator

You’ll see a blue calculator icon at the bottom of your screen. It may be on the left or right side, depending on the device you’re using. Simply tap or click to open.

Convert and calculate

Enter your calculations (eg, 25.2 lb to kg, 39.7°C to °F). To leave conversion mode and keep your result, just press Calculator.

And that’s it! Confirming your mental math just got easier. Next time your thermometer gets stuck in Celsius, or you have to calculate a dose for a tiny exotic patient, you can count on Plumb’s to get you the answer.

If you have ideas for how Plumb’s could be better, drop us a line! We always love hearing from you.

If you’re not a subscriber yet but think you’d like to be, you can find out more about Plumb’s right here.