Introducing Plumb’s Clinical Handouts: Efficient, Accurate Veterinary Client Education

March 15, 2022
4 min

Good pet owner handouts are lifesavers. 

These valuable educational resources can help clients understand and accept recommended treatment plans, improving the likelihood that they’ll follow through with care. Plus, they can seriously cut down on follow-up calls from confused family members—which means a lot of time saved for you and your team members.

Unfortunately, the quality of most pet owner handouts varies widely.

Sure, you’ll occasionally find that perfect handout, like a diamond in the rough, and then make a billion copies you keep piled up around the practice. 

More often than not, pet owner handouts fall short. Think about how often you have scrapped a handout because it:

  • Was outdated
  • Made an inaccurate recommendation
  • Looked unprofessional
  • Was hard to find, print, or share with your client
  • Used excessive medical jargon

We’re in small animal practice too, and we feel your pain. It’s why we created pet owner handouts you can really rely on. 

What are Plumb’s pet owner handouts?

Plumb’s pet owner handouts come in two types.

All Plumb’s subscribers have access to our popular drug handouts, which cover essential drug information for pet owners. 

Plumb’s Pro subscribers also get access to our new clinical handouts, which help answer clients’ most common questions about clinical conditions, procedures, and preventive care.

See both in action in this free demo.

How do Plumb’s clinical handouts differ from other pet owner handouts?

Plumb’s clinical handouts are trustworthy, professionally designed, and easy to use—for clients and veterinary team members.


Plumb’s clinical handouts are written and peer-reviewed by experts so you can provide clients with accurate information. Plus, they follow a consistent format, so you know what topics are covered without reviewing each guide.

Easy to understand

Avoid jargon overload. Plumb’s clinical handouts are edited by our award-winning team for readability and then checked for clarity by non-medical pet owners, too.


Plumb’s clinical handouts are designed to answer the most common questions pet owners have (ie, the ones you spend the most time answering). Topics include cases you regularly tackle, with everything from distemper combination vaccines to vestibular disease.

Easy to deliver (and document)

Plumb’s clinical handouts are easy to get to clients. Print or email them individually or with other relevant pet owner guides. You never have to share your personal or practice email to send these digitally. Plus, you can add customized notes and instructions. Print an extra or save it to the digital medical record to make documentation a snap. 


Each handout is beautifully designed, so it’s easy to read and reflects well on your practice.

Continually updated

Plumb’s Pro content undergoes a regular schedule of revisions. You can always check when a handout was published so you know you’re not sharing decade-old information.

How do I use Plumb’s clinical handouts?

It’s quick and easy to find Plumb’s clinical handouts and share them with clients.

Locate guides with a quick search. 

Looking for a handout on a specific topic? Simply start typing your topic of interest into the top search bar, and Plumb’s will start suggesting relevant content. Look for the “Clinical Handout” tag. 

The Plumb's patient guide label is indicated on the search result for raisin intoxication.
Note: As of 2023, Plumb’s pet owner guides have new names! Medication guides are now drug handouts and patient guides are now clinical handouts.

If you’re already looking up related clinical information, watch for a link to the clinical handout.

Share Plumb’s clinical handouts by printing or emailing.

Already know which guides you want to send? If you’re viewing the PDF, you can print directly from the preview. 

Easily print Plumb's clinical handout by clicking on the printer icon in the view tab

Alternatively, from search, you can email or print individual handouts with personalized notes or even compile multiple guides to email or print together. 

We know the importance of setting boundaries, so you don’t have to provide your practice or personal email address to deliver these handouts digitally.

Before emailing or printing, you’ll have a chance to append personalized notes, like what order to give medications in or when to recheck.

An example of Plumb's patient guides email form for sharing animal health handouts with pet owners

Don’t forget documentation. Consider printing a practice copy or blind carbon copying (BCC) an email of these handouts for inclusion in the patient’s medical record.

An example of Plumb's patient guides email form for sharing animal health handouts with pet owners

Plumb’s clinical handouts are a powerful support tool to help clients understand and communicate what you share with them, helping you advocate for your patients and save time. 

Could your team use clinical handouts? Subscribe to Plumb’s Pro today.