How to Harness a Clinical Decision Support Tool to Crack Your Next Case

January 27, 2023
4 min

Plumb’s Pro™ is the easy-to-use clinical decision support tool that puts everything you need to make confident decisions for your veterinary patients in one place. 

But what does that actually look like when you’re managing a case? 

Let’s take a peek at how Plumb’s Pro™ can support you every day in veterinary practice—and help you be more efficient and effective than ever. 

Meet Maisie

You’re seeing Maisie, a 9-month-old spayed female pug presenting for pruritus that started about two weeks ago. 

She’s current on all her vaccinations and is on regular heartworm and flea/tick preventives. She has a history of thunderstorm phobia that’s managed with alprazolam as needed.

When the pruritus started, Maisie’s owner noticed her scratching mostly around her face. But she now seems to be scratching all over, and her owner has noticed crusting and hair loss on her feet.

On physical exam, you find that Maisie has erythema, alopecia, and crusting. It’s mainly on her feet, but you notice it in a few other areas, too. She’s a little overweight but otherwise unremarkable on exam. 

Get step-by-step case support

You know there are many potential causes for pruritus, so you head to Plumb’s Pro™ to find an algorithm to narrow down your differentials. These easy-to-follow flowcharts give you step-by-step diagnostic and treatment guidance and help you decide on next steps.

You search for pruritus and select the algorithm for Canine Pruritic Dermatitis

The algorithm gives you a list of differentials for non-seasonal pruritus in a young dog. And it suggests where to start your investigation—with a skin scrape and cytologic examination of Maisie’s skin lesions.

The scraping reveals Demodex spp mites, and cytology indicates a secondary skin infection is present. 

It’s been a while since you’ve treated demodicosis, so you head back to Plumb’s Pro™ to check out the current treatment recommendations. 

Find practical, peer-reviewed guidance

You search for demodicosis and select the Dx & Tx monograph on Demodectic Mange in Dogs

This robust library of practical, peer-reviewed clinical monographs is available in seconds from any device. Every Dx & Tx monograph provides clear, actionable diagnostic and treatment recommendations for every step of case workup, from presentation to follow-up.   

You use the table of contents to jump to the treatment section. 

Since Maisie’s skin infection is superficial, you elect to treat it topically using a 2% chlorhexidine/2% miconazole shampoo twice weekly. 

You’ve previously treated generalized demodicosis with older miticidal therapies, but you learn from the clinical monograph that isoxazolines provide an easier and safer option. You opt to treat Maisie with oral fluralaner every 3 months, until 2 months beyond a second negative skin scraping.

Maisie is pretty pruritic and uncomfortable—you’d love to use corticosteroids to give her some relief but can’t because of the Demodex spp mites. So you decide to prescribe an antihistamine instead. 

Access animal-specific prescribing guidelines

Your first choice is diphenhydramine, so you jump to the first-of-its-kind veterinary drug interaction checker to see if diphenhydramine interacts with the alprazolam Maisie sometimes takes for storm phobia. 

Unfortunately, there’s a moderate risk of a drug interaction between these two drugs. You decide to try a second-generation antihistamine, cetirizine, instead. 

There’s only a minor risk for drug interaction with this combination, so you use the built-in calculator in Plumb’s Pro™ to calculate your doses and get your prescriptions ready. 

But you’re not quite finished with Maisie—or with Plumb’s Pro™. 

Easily share pet owner education  

A  new diagnosis means a whole lot of new information for pet owners to take in. And it can be overwhelming. But Plumb’s Pro™ is here to help with:

  • Drug handouts that educate pet owners about the drugs you dispense 
  • Clinical handouts that answer the most common questions about hundreds of conditions and procedures. 

These handouts are written by experts in concise, simple language and reviewed by pet owners to ensure it’s easy for your clients to understand (and remember) the details of their pet’s care.

You can easily print or email handouts directly to pet owners right from the Plumb’s Pro™ website or mobile app—without revealing your email address. You can even bundle multiple handouts to send together and add personal notes to pet owners.

In Maisie’s case, you bundle the clinical handout for demodicosis with the drug handouts for fluralaner and cetirizine and email them directly to her owner. 

And just like that, Maisie is ready to go home. And you’re ready for your next patient. 

With the power of a clinical decision support tool like Plumb’s Pro™ on your side, you’ve got everything you need to tackle any case that comes your way.

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