How Plumb’s Pro Helps Veterinary Students Fight Information Overload

May 11, 2022
3 min

Have your instructors given you the “fire hose” speech yet? You know the one: You’re excited to have finally become a veterinary student, and then they warn you just how much of the next 4 years you’re going to spend cramming an overwhelming amount of information into your brain. And then trying to put it all together in a way that’s applicable to your patients and helps keep them healthy. 

They might also remind you that you should make sure to focus on your wellbeing, too.

You know… no pressure.

We’ve been there. And we’ve got good news. We can help you handle the fire hose.

“We” are the team behind Plumb’s Pro—the same practicing veterinarians, veterinary pharmacists, and award-winning content editors who create the popular veterinary drug reference, Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs.

Your Solution to Information Overload

We created Plumb’s Pro to help veterinarians (and students like you) handle information overload without burning out. It’s designed to introduce you to the daily realities of small animal practice and prepare you to handle those realities. By starting to use it in classes and clinics, you’ll have a head start when you enter practice.

Plumb’s Pro is a clinical decision support (CDS) tool. These digital tools are ubiquitous in human medicine. 

They’re easy-to-search references that bring the relevant, peer-reviewed, continually updated medical information you need together in one place. Studies suggest they improve efficiency and patient safety and reduce diagnostic errors.

In practice (or on clinical rotations), a CDS tool is perfect for preparing for cases, pivoting on the go, or wrapping up records. In class, it can be especially helpful for finding the information you need—fast. 

Let’s look at 3 benefits to using Plumb’s Pro—in school and beyond. 

1. A reliable reference that’s easy to navigate

Whether you’re still stuck in the “ologies”, working up your first hypothetical case, seeing your first patients on clinical rotations, or finally practicing under your own license, Plumb’s Pro helps you efficiently find trustworthy information.

The original content in Plumb’s Pro is written by your professors and their peers and is peer reviewed. It’s also simple to search via the same easy-to-use interface as the popular Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs platform.

So, in a snap, you can find:

Spend less of your valuable time scanning notes and textbooks and get straight to the answers you need with Plumb’s Pro.

2. Information in an up-to-date clinical context

Tackle cases that classes and clinics might not cover

Veterinary students aren’t the only ones suffering from information overload. 

Instructors can’t cover everything in the classroom, and how much you actually see on clinical rotations depends a bit on the luck of the draw. The teaching hospital’s caseload might not always match the kinds of cases you’ll see in practice. 

And that’s why Plumb’s Pro has practical information to help fill in the gaps. Anal sacculitis, anyone?  

Always stay up to date

Plumb’s can also help you learn to ride the tides of emerging medical information. A new consensus statement might mean recommended care isn’t the same between your last lectures and the first question on clinics. 

Plus, a lot can happen between your textbook’s publication date and you actually scanning its chapters. Plumb’s Pro is continually updated so you can stay in the know.

Keep random facts relevant

During long nights studying endless lists of bacteria or medications, you might find yourself wondering, Is this actually useful or do I just have to know it for the test? 

Putting information in practical contexts can make it easier to recall when you need it (and help you find the motivation to push through your study session).

With a CDS tool like Plumb’s Pro, you can see how you’ll actually apply the information you’re studying. Instead of memorizing the list of 8 available tests for leptospirosis, use the disease algorithm in Plumb’s Pro to clear up what we use each test for, when to use it, and why.

3. A reference that’s just right for you

Plumb’s Pro has customization features you can continue to use even after you leave school. Stick personalized notes just about anywhere (perhaps to jot down your professor’s favorite sedation protocol). Have Plumb’s content you reference regularly? Save it to favorites and it’ll be one of the first things you see when you sign in. 

Once the pace picks up in clinical practice, rather than rifling through old school notes, you’ll already have what you need just a click away.

Our team has faced down the fire hose ourselves, and we want to help. That’s why we offer special rates on Plumb’s Pro for students and new graduates to help when information overload can feel most intense (and when budgets are especially tight). Start leveraging—and personalizing—your new favorite reference now.

Apply for your discounted subscription today.

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