How Plumb’s Is Always Improving

July 5, 2022
3 min

When Don Plumb, PharmD, partnered with the Brief Media team to build a digital platform for his iconic veterinary drug reference, he foresaw that combining his essential veterinary drug reference with the power of a digital medium could make it both more convenient to update and easier to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of veterinary medicine.

We take this legacy seriously. We continuously work to improve Plumb’s™—making it easier to use, providing continually updated content, and adding practical new features.

Moreover, we focus on improving Plumb’s™ in ways that make a meaningful difference to our peers in practice every day. 

How do we figure out what to improve first? We listen. 

In addition to using Plumb’s™ in practice ourselves, we’re lucky enough to have amazing subscribers who let us know what is working for them and what could make Plumb’s™ even better.

Have a look at what we have added lately (with our subscribers’ feedback in mind).

An increasingly intuitive user experience

You have enough to worry about every day. The last thing you need is to spend time navigating a convoluted webpage or figuring out where your drug reference ran off to. We help make sure the information you need is close at hand.

Our latest app update for Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs® includes user-inspired enhancements that make it easier to find information quickly. 

Subscribers can now:

  • Spend even less time scrolling with:
    • Search that remembers what you looked for recently
    • Fast access to favorites right from the home screen
    • A list view that offers more search results at a glance
  • Avoid flip-flopping between apps or screens with:
    • A direct link from drug monographs to the drug interaction checker
    • A drug calculator that’s easy to use alongside drug dosages
  • Plus, increased text size to stave off squinting

Our subscribers’ feedback helps us continue to polish the Plumb’s™ experience, so we can ensure it holds up to the pressures of everyday practice. 

Continually updated content

How do you keep track of all the veterinary pharmaceutical news? Even when you know the highlights, collecting all the relevant information yourself can be a pain. 

When, say, a new biologic osteoarthritis medication hits the market, will you have the information you need? Or when an existing medication gets conditional FDA approvals for delaying the onset of congestive heart failure? 

Plus, there are consensus statements to sift through, new research highlighting a potential side effect, and a new extra-label indication that may not have even crossed your desk.

That’s why we’re here. Our team has a specific process for ensuring we prioritize the most vital information when making updates. With a Plumb’s™ subscription, the information you need to practice is already at your fingertips. 

Learn more about how we keep our content continually updated.

Practical new features

Plumb’s™ has developed several new tools since its launch in 2015, especially those frequently requested by our subscribers. Popular features include the conversion calculator and easy-to-share medication guides.

The drug interaction checker is the most recent—and arguably most groundbreaking—of these. Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs® was the first to have a drug interaction checker designed explicitly for veterinary patients. 

Clinicians can click on the drug interaction checker directly from a drug monograph, add in a patient’s medications, and quickly review a color-coded warning system and detailed interaction notes to see one-to-one drug interactions that may be of concern.

Since its recent launch, Plumb’s Pro™ subscribers have gained access to a suite of clinical features that are a step beyond the prescribing tools offered by Plumb’s™ alone.

These features are just the beginning of a long list of customer requests in the development pipeline.

What’s next?

Dr. Plumb envisioned an exciting future for Plumb’s™—beyond the book. We feel the same way. 

We can promise that Plumb’s™ will continue the legacy by listening to our customers to continuously make practical improvements to this popular tool that veterinarians use every day.

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