Decisions, Decisions: Which Veterinary Resource From Plumb’s™ Is Right for You?

January 26, 2023
4 min

You depend on Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs® for trusted drug information.  

Maybe you use the enhanced app on your mobile device or computer every day, or perhaps you’re still grabbing that dog-eared copy of Plumb’s® from the drawer. 

Either way, you may not have heard of Plumb’s Pro™. And if you have, you may be unsure how it differs from Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs®—and which tool is right for you. 

Let’s walk through a case to see how each of these solutions supports veterinarians like you.   

Meet Tuna

Today you’re seeing Tuna, a 14-year-old spayed female Siamese cat presenting with skin lesions. She’s been previously diagnosed with idiopathic megacolon but is doing well on long-term cisapride and a canned low-residue diet. 

Even before starting your exam, you’re suspicious of dermatophytosis. She has alopecia and crusting on her face and each pinna, and her owner mentions there’s a brand-new kitten in the household. Sure enough, the lesions fluoresce under a Wood’s lamp, and a microscopic examination of skin scrapings and plucked hairs confirms your diagnosis.  

You’re no stranger to dermatophytosis. You typically treat it with systemic itraconazole, so you open the Plumb’s™ app on your phone and find your dose. 

The veterinary drug information you expect from Plumb’s™

Both Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs® and Plumb’s Pro™ provide all the trusted, continually updated drug information Plumb’s™ is known for. And all available in seconds on any internet-connected device. 

You search for itraconazole and, just like that, confirm your dose and dosing regimen.

Image showing itraconazole drug monograph on the digital Plumb's drug reference

But before printing the prescription, you click on the drug interaction checker to ensure there’s no contraindication to using itraconazole with the cisapride Tuna is on. You can find this first-of-its-kind veterinary drug interaction checker in both Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs® and Plumb’s Pro™. 

Image showing major drug interaction between cisapride and itraconazole in Plumb's drug interaction checker

Yikes. This drug combination isn’t recommended. Now what?

If you’re a Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs® subscriber, this is where you’ll need to turn to your textbooks, search online forums, or ask a colleague about an alternative treatment regimen. Then come back to the app to confirm and calculate your dose.

But if you’re a Plumb’s Pro™ subscriber, everything you need is right at your fingertips. Plumb’s Pro™ contains all the features of Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs® and goes beyond prescribing to give you clinical decision support for your entire case.

Trusted decision support for your entire case

You turn to Dx & Tx: the robust library of practical, peer-reviewed monographs that’s always available from any device. Written and reviewed by boarded veterinary specialists, these clinical monographs cover hundreds of clinical conditions and signs, providing the diagnostic and treatment information you need without all the searching and second-guessing. 

A quick search for dermatophytosis yields a Dx & Tx monograph on the topic. 

Image showing diagnostic and treatment monograph on dermatophytosis in dogs and cats from Plumb's digital clinical decision support tool

In a hurry? Jump straight to the treatment section from the table of contents. 

A variety of options besides itraconazole are listed in the treatment section. You elect to treat with a combination of a twice-weekly lime sulfur dip and systemic terbinafine. The drug interaction checker doesn’t list any known contraindications to using these medications with cisapride, so you use the built-in calculator in Plumb’s™ to calculate your doses.  

But the support from Plumb’s Pro™ doesn’t end there. With any new diagnosis, there’s a lot of information for pet owners to take in, and it can be overwhelming. 

Pet owner education without (much) effort 

Both Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs® and Plumb’s Pro™ have medication guides that educate pet owners about the drugs you dispense. But Plumb’s Pro™ goes beyond that with shareable patient guides that answer your client’s most common questions about hundreds of conditions and procedures. 

These guides are expert-written in concise, simple language with definitions of medical terms. And they empower pet owners to understand their pet’s care.

From any device, you can easily print guides or email them directly to pet owners—right from the Plumb’s Pro™ platform (without revealing your email address). You can even bundle multiple guides together to send at once, along with your personal notes for the pet owner.

In Tuna’s case, you bundle the patient guide for dermatophytosis with the medication guides for terbinafine and topical lime sulfur and email them to her owner.

Image showing sample pet owner handouts from Plumb's, covering animal medications and conditions

And just like that, Tuna is ready to go home. Fingers crossed that Tuna’s treatment is successful, but Plumb’s Pro™ even has you covered with an algorithm for refractory dermatophytosis if it isn’t.

Image of Clinician's Brief algorithm for refractory dermatophytosis

Let’s get visual

Hopefully, Tuna’s case has demonstrated how you can use features of Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs® and Plumb’s Pro™ to make your day easier. If you’re still unsure which solution is right for you, here’s a visual to help.

FeaturePlumb’s Veterinary Drugs®Plumb’s Pro™
Continually updated, expert-written, peer-reviewed information
Access from any internet-connected device
Full drug reference covering dosages, adverse effects, and more on 800+ drugs
Animal-specific drug interaction checker
Shareable medication guides for pet owners
Diagnostic and treatment monographs for hundreds of clinical conditions and signs
Diagnostic and management algorithms for step-by-step case support
Pet owner guides on clinical signs, diagnoses, procedures, and more

This is just one case to show how Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs® and Plumb’s Pro™ can help solve the challenges you face daily in a busy veterinary practice. No matter what level of support you need, Plumb’s™ has you covered. 

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