An Easier Way to Share Drug Information Sheets with Pet Owners

June 18, 2020
3 min

If you work in a veterinary practice, you know how important pet owner education is to your patients’ health and safety, especially when you’re prescribing new medications for a pet. But you also know how time-consuming it can be without easy access to accurate client drug information sheets.

There’s so much a pet owner needs to understand to confidently—and correctly—administer their pet’s medication at home, including how and when to administer the drug, how long it takes to work, what adverse effects to watch for, and what to do if they miss a dose, to name a few. 

Printable drug handouts can be a great way to simplify the drug consultation step and ensure a pet owner has somewhere to turn (other than the veterinary practice’s phone lines) when they have questions.

An Easier Way to Educate Pet Owners About Animal Drugs

We created Plumb’s drug handouts to make this patient care step easier for veterinary teams.

These client drug information sheets are written in simple language and are designed to be printed, texted, or emailed. They’re easy for pet owners to understand and easy for the veterinary team to access and share.

Each handout covers the following details:

  • Drug name and description
  • Time to effect and duration of effect
  • Route of administration, dosage form, dosage, duration of drug therapy, and common side effects
  • Any special directions for proper use and storage
  • Actions to be taken in the event of a missed dose

With the drug handouts in Plumb’s, you and your team can clear up commonly asked questions, simplify pet owner drug counseling, and help clients confidently administer medications at home.

To save you time—especially when you are dispensing multiple drugs—we’ve created a faster, easier way to access the full library of drug handouts (550 and counting). We’re also excited to announce new advanced functionality, like options to print and email these handouts directly from Plumb’s.

What’s New for Plumb’s Drug Handouts

Now, you can search, select, and share drug handouts from one spot. There are 3 ways to search:

  • Type the first few letters of the drug name in the search bar
  • Sort alphabetically
  • Scroll through the full alphabetized list

New Options for Sharing Our Drug Information Sheets

It doesn’t end there. We’ve also added functionality that allows you to print or email a selection of these client drug information sheets as a single file.

Subscribers can download individual drug handouts and print or email a selection from the drug handouts tab in Plumb’s.

For example, say you’re dispensing pimobendan, enalapril, and furosemide. Once you find each handout, simply click to select. Your selections will appear in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

You have 2 options for sharing.

Print Selection

When you select this option, you’ll see a print dialog box that allows you to enter any special instructions to include with the printed handouts. For example, you might note that blood work is required before any refills can be dispensed, or you can clarify which medications are a priority for an inappetent patient. Once you print, the handouts can be included with the rest of the discharge paperwork at checkout.

Email Selection

You can email directly to a pet owner from Plumb’s (without revealing your email address) with this option. You can also add special instructions, personalize the email message, and send a blind copy of the email to your clinic address for your records. The pet owner will receive an email with a link to download the handouts and your instructions. They can print or view digitally as they please.

Start Using Plumb’s Drug Handouts in Practice

If you’re a Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs subscriber, you can start saving time with this new feature today. Click on Drug Handouts in the sidebar or under Features in the app.

Not a Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs subscriber yet? Learn more about how Plumb’s makes prescribing veterinary drugs easier.