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  • Use the convenient site-wide search

Drug Information

  • Navigate drug monographs
  • Use the drug interaction checker

Diagnostic & Treatment Information

  • Review Dx & Tx
  • Access the algorithm library

Pet Owner Education

  • Print and email pet owner handouts

Quick Tools

  • Save your notes
  • Mark favorites for easy access
  • Use the conversion calculator

App and Support

  • Use the app
  • Get support in the Help Center

Find everything in one place

Begin typing a query in the site-wide search bar that appears on every page. Results will automatically populate once you’ve entered enough characters, and you can continue typing to narrow your results.

Just browsing?

Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to browse specific content types like drug monographs or Dx & Tx.

Narrow your search

Use the drop-down menu in the search bar to search by content type (eg, drug monographs, pet owner handouts).

Easy next steps

Use the quick links on search tiles to jump to important information like diagnosis and treatment or dosages and dosage forms.

Drug Monographs

Review current details on 800+ drugs

Each drug monograph covers current dosages, indications, adverse effects, and more. Search by drug or trade name or browse the full library—including the appendix—from the Drug Monographs page.

Jump to the details you need

Use the table of contents on the left side of each drug monograph to navigate directly to relevant sections.

Stay current

Each Plumb’s drug monograph is continually updated by our expert team of veterinarians and pharmacists. Watch for the New and Updated tags—blue text shows you what’s new.

Explore helpful appendices

Don’t miss practical information on treatment for overdoses and toxin exposure, abbreviations used in prescription writing, and more from the in-depth appendix, accessible via the Drug Monographs landing page.

Drug Interaction Checker

Check for potential drug interactions

Start typing a drug name and select a match from the drop-down list that appears. You can add as many drugs as needed to get veterinary-specific guidance on potential drug-to-drug interactions.

Evaluate risk based on five classification levels

This tool currently includes more than 25,000 interactions between frequently used drugs, with new interactions being continually added. To learn more about a classification, click on the blue information icon .

Get clinically relevant recommendations

Because the Plumb’s drug interaction checker is built specifically for veterinary practice, results include recommendations that are actually relevant to dogs and cats.

This tool is a beta version and is undergoing continual medical review and content updates. Results generated by the interaction checker represent one-to-one drug interactions only, and they are intended to supplement the knowledge and clinical judgment of veterinarians using this tool.
Dx & Tx

Find diagnostic and treatment information

Each Dx & Tx follows the same easy-to-navigate format and provides clear, actionable recommendations for every step of case workup, from presentation to follow-up. Search by disease or clinical sign (like GDV or blindness) or browse the full library and filter by species and classification from the Dx & Tx page.

Jump to the answers you need

The predictable format includes a clickable table of contents as well as convenient quick links to information on presentation, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as consensus statements.

Stay current

Dx & Tx are peer-reviewed and continually updated by our expert team of veterinarians. Watch for the New and Updated tags in search results—blue text in the monograph shows you what’s new.*

*As of launch in 2021, all Dx & Tx are new and up to date, so you won’t see New and Updated tags until additional content is added or updates are needed.

Tackle clinical challenges

The Clinical Challenges section covers real-life advice for issues, challenges, and curious encounters you won’t find in your stack of reference books.


Choose your next steps

Whether you’re starting with clinical signs or a specific diagnosis, algorithms can guide your decision-making and help you efficiently plot your path forward. Search by topic or keyword (like red eye or seizure) or browse the growing library from the Algorithms page.

Get quick answers

Stumped by a unique case? Review tests and differentials you haven’t considered and figure out what’s next.

Feel confident in your choices

Rely on expert-written, peer-reviewed guidance from the pages of Clinician’s Brief, now in a searchable format that’s easy to use at any step of your case.

Pet Owner Handouts

Help pet owners provide confident care

Make pet owner education easier with this growing library of practical, easy-to-understand handouts for pet owners. Search by condition or drug name, or browse the whole collection from the Drug Handouts page. Click on the title to view the handout, and use the quick links to print  or email  an individual handout.

Filter by handout type

Use the filters on the Drug Handouts page to toggle between drug handouts, which cover the medications you prescribe, and clinical handouts, which cover common (and not so common) diagnoses, procedures, and preventive care recommendations.

Share multiple handouts

Click on the plus icon  to select each handout. From there, you can print  or email  your selection.

Email handouts directly to pet owners

Whether you’re sharing one handout or several, you can email your selection directly from Plumb’s—without revealing your email address to the pet owner. Use the BCC field to send a copy for your records.

Add special instructions

Use the text box in the sharing windows to add personalized notes to be included at the end of the handouts you select. For example, you might include recommendations for a follow-up exam or note that blood work is needed before a refill can be processed.


Add your notes

No more scribbled notes in your book’s margins. Easily add notes like reminders, preferred protocols, and more, and access them wherever you work, from any device.

Take notes wherever you need them

You can add general notes from your home page, attach a note to a monograph, or even create a section-specific note within a monograph. To add a note, click on the notes icon  and type your note in the pop-up that appears.

View and edit anywhere

All of your notes are saved on your home page—which you can access by clicking on the Plumb’s logo at the top of your screen—and under Notes in the app.

This feature is not available for users on custom IP accounts (most common in universities and large practice groups).

Personalize your quick reference list

Click on the star icon  anywhere it appears to favorite the content you turn to most for even faster access from any device. You’ll find your favorites on your home page, above your notes, and under Favorites in the app.

This feature is not available for users on custom IP accounts (most common in universities and large practice groups).
Conversion Calculator

Confirm your mental math

Click on the blue calculator icon  to convert between common units (like lb/kg, °C/°F, oz/g) and easily calculate doses from any device.

Easily toggle between modes

Calculating a dose? Once you have your weight conversion, click on the Calculator button to enter the calculator mode with your converted result.


Take Plumb’s on the go

The Plumb’s platform is completely responsive, which means you can access it from any browser (eg, Google Chrome, Safari)—even from your phone. Just make sure you’re connected to the internet.

Download the app

Plumb’s Pro features are currently in development in the app. In the meantime, you can download the current Plumb’s app for iOS and Android and sign in to access the drug monographs, drug interaction checker, drug handouts, conversion calculator, and your notes and favorites.

The iOS and Android apps are not available for users on enterprise accounts (most common in universities and large practice groups). You must have individual sign-in credentials to access the app.
Help Center

Have questions?

Whether you’re looking for help using Plumb’s or managing your subscription, find answers in the Plumb’s Help Center. Search by keyword or phrase, or submit a request if your query isn’t covered.

Share feedback

Have a request for a feature that would make your life easier? Want us to consider a specific topic for a future update? Click Submit a request in the Help Center and fill out the form. We’re always working to improve Plumb’s, and your feedback is welcome.

The Help Center is currently being updated to cover Plumb’s Pro. In the meantime, you can still find answers to common questions about the drug information and tools, including the drug monographs, drug interaction checker, and drug handouts.

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