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In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to use Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs to help ensure you’re safely dispensing medications for animals.

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Find veterinary drug information fast

Begin typing a drug or trade name in the search bar on any page. No need to worry about spelling—results will automatically populate once you’ve entered 3 or more characters. Keep typing to narrow your results.

Just browsing?

Use the sorting tools to browse drug information and appendices. You can also browse by starting letter.

Narrow your search

Use the drop-down in the search bar to narrow your search to drug monographs or pet owner handouts, our veterinary drug information sheets for pet owners.

Pro Tip: Use the color-coded labels to easily tell the difference between drug monographs (teal) and drug handouts (dark blue).

Easy next steps

Click on the drug name to view the monograph or use the quick links for Dosages and Dosage Forms directly from the search results to get you right to the information you need. You can also use the icons on each search tile to select , print , or email  a pet owner handout.

Drug Monographs

Review current details on 720+ drugs

Each Plumb’s drug monograph covers current dosages, adverse effects, mechanisms of action, administration/storage, pharmacology for animals, and more. Search by drug or trade name from any page. Browse the full library—including helpful appendices—from the Drug Monographs page.

Jump to the details you need

At the top of each drug monograph, quick links to Dosages and Dosage Forms will take you to these frequently accessed sections. Or use the table of contents on the left side of each drug monograph to navigate directly to the section you need.

Stay current

Each Plumb’s drug monograph is continually updated by our expert team of veterinarians and veterinary pharmacists. Watch for the New and Updated tags.


Explore helpful appendices

Don’t miss practical information on drug store toxins in small animal species, abbreviations used in prescription writing, and more.

Drug Interaction Checker

Check for potential drug interactions

Our veterinary‑specific drug interaction checker allows you to add as many drugs as needed to get animal‑specific guidance on potential drug‑to‑drug interactions. All information is based on current evidence and continually reviewed by our expert team of veterinarians and veterinary pharmacists. Type in the drug names and select matches from the dropdown list to get results.

Evaluate risk based on five classification levels

This tool currently covers 37,000+ interactions between frequently used drugs, with new interactions being continually added. To learn more about a classification, click on the blue information icon .

Avoid a dangerous information gap

Human‑specific drug interaction tools don’t list veterinary drugs or species‑specific data. The Plumb’s drug interaction checker contains animal‑specific information and helps ensure safer dispensing for your veterinary patients.

This tool is undergoing continual medical review and content updates. Results generated by the interaction checker represent one‑to‑one drug interactions only, and they are intended to supplement the knowledge and clinical judgment of medical professionals using this tool. Please consult the prescribing veterinarian before making any adjustments to an animal’s prescription.
Conversion Calculator

Confirm your mental math

Click on the blue calculator icon  from any page to convert between common units (like lb/kg, oz/g) and easily calculate doses.

Easily toggle between modes

Calculating a dose? Once you have your weight conversion, click Calculator to enter the calculator mode with your converted result.

Pet Owner Handouts

Counsel pet owners about their pet’s medications

Search the full library of more than 550 drug handouts from the Drug Handouts tab. Sort alphabetically or search by a specific drug or trade name. Click on the title to view the handout. You can also navigate directly to the corresponding drug handout by clicking the link on the right side of a drug monograph.

Print or email handouts directly to pet owners

Easily print drug handouts directly from Plumb’s and send them home with pet owners alongside their prescriptions. There’s even a spot at the top of each handout to add a prescription label. Or email handouts directly from Plumb’s—without revealing your email address to the pet owner.

Share multiple handouts

Select multiple handouts by clicking on the plus icon  beside each handout. From there, you can print or email your entire selection at once.

Add special instructions

Whether you’re printing or emailing, you can include special instructions for the pet owner. For example, you might note any additional instructions their veterinarian provided with the prescription, pass along administration information, or document any discussion with the pet owner during the dispensing process.

Pro Tips

Get more information on safe veterinary prescribing

Without knowledge about species‑specific differences, mistakes can happen. Like making inappropriate substitutions or giving inaccurate information to pet owners—and inadvertently harming patients. Review the Pharmacist’s Guide to Filling Veterinary Prescriptions to learn how to minimize these risks.

Discover which substances are toxic to animals

Substances that are considered relatively nontoxic for human patients can cause serious toxicity or adverse effects in veterinary patients. Find out which common compounds you need to watch for when you dispense medications for animals.

Decrease the risk of medication errors

Review a list of 6 key ways to prevent medication errors when filling veterinary prescriptions. These tips will help you avoid dangerous mistakes next time a veterinary prescription crosses your counter.

Review the dangers of using human dosages

Vast differences in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics exist between species—and even between breeds of the same species. Awareness of these differences is critical for understanding variations in dosages and dosing regimens between species.

Help Center

Have questions?

When you’re looking for help using Plumb’s, find answers in the Plumb’s Help Center, which you can access by tapping on the blue question mark icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Search by keyword or phrase to find helpful answers to common questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or your query isn’t covered, tap on Support in the My Account menu to submit a request.


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