How to Choose the Plumb’s Plan That Will Be Best for You

July 12, 2021
3 min

Whether you run your own relief service or work in a large group of veterinary practices, Plumb’s has a plan to help you and your team make confident decisions for the animals in your care. No matter which plan you choose, you’ll get authoritative veterinary drug information in a fast and reliable format—accessible from any device. Let’s break down the options so you can choose the best Plumb’s plan for your veterinary practice or pharmacy.

I want a plan for myself. 

Just looking for quick access to drug information on the go? You can get Plumb’s for yourself and access all the content and features from any desktop computer, tablet, or phone. This plan also includes access to the Plumb’s mobile app. Once you subscribe, you can download the app on iOS and Android for no additional charge.

For $135 a year, you get access to continually updated information on more than 800 drugs used in animal patients. Plus, you also get practical tools like the drug interaction checker, conversion calculator, medication guides, and notes and favorites

What if I’m a student?

If you’re attending an accredited veterinary or pharmacy program, you’re eligible to subscribe to Plumb’s for $19.95 per year while you’re in school. The verification process through SheerID only takes a couple of minutes. Once your status is verified, SheerID will give you a unique discount code for Plumb’s.

Plus, when you graduate, you’re eligible for a discounted subscription for the first 2 years after graduation. If you’ve just graduated, drop us a line here to request your discount. 

I want a plan for me and my team. 

Want to share the benefits of Plumb’s with your whole team? We recommend the multi-user plan, which is completely customizable for teams as small as 2 and as large as 20. Pricing starts at $270 per year for 2 licenses. When you purchase 5 or more licenses, you save $10 per license.

Plus, you can choose an administrator on your team to manage the plan and assign licenses. You can even reassign licenses at any time (eg, when a team member leaves the practice). All users get their own username and password. That means they can access Plumb’s content and features from any device—in or out of the practice.

I want a plan for an entire veterinary or pharmacy group. 

We offer custom plans for single and multi-location groups with more than 20 users. These plans provide access to Plumb’s for an unlimited number of users at a specific location via IP authentication. Users can access Plumb’s from any internet-connected device at your facility via a single URL. You know what that means: no memorizing logins or helping users recover their forgotten passwords.

Because these plans depend on IP authentication, users exclusively access Plumb’s on a desktop or mobile device via a web browser like Chrome or Safari instead of the iOS or Android apps. And because users don’t have individual accounts, personalization features like notes and favorites are not available. However, all other features and content (like Veterinary Medication Guides) are included.

We customize pricing to your facility and specific needs, and we’re able to offer discounts depending on the size of your group and the number of locations you have. Sound like a good fit for you? Fill out this form to request a quote from our team.

I want Plumb’s for my academic institution and/or teaching hospital.

We offer IP-authenticated plans that make Plumb’s available on your program’s shared electronic resources. Students and faculty can access continually updated drug information and essential tools in Plumb’s anywhere on campus from a network-connected desktop computer, tablet, or phone.

If you opt for the EZproxy integration, students and faculty can access Plumb’s off-campus with the credentials they use for the rest of your electronic resources. Like our large group plans, this plan does not include access via the app or notes and favorites. However, all other features and content (like Veterinary Medication Guides) are included. 

Ready to make Plumb’s part of your program’s toolbox? Let’s talk. We’ll build a plan for you.

Compare Your Options

Use the table below to compare each Plumb’s plan and determine which one will be best for you.

 1 User2+ Users5+ UsersEnterprise Plan
(20+ Users)
Price per year$135 

($19.95  for qualified students)
$135 per user$125 per user

(Save $10 per user)
Specialized pricing
Number of devicesAccess on 2 devices at a timeEach user can access on 2 devices at a timeEach user can access on 2 devices at a timeUnlimited devices via IP authentication or shared sign-in credentials
Multi-device access (desktop, tablet, mobile browsers)
Drug interaction checker
550+ medication guides for pet owners
New drug monographs and updates to existing content
Conversion calculator
iOS and Android app 
Notes and favorites for easy personalization 

Found the right plan for you? Make it official today. Visit the pricing page to select your occupation, choose your plan, and start searching.

Pricing is subject to change. Please see for the most up-to-date information.