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Make informed treatment decisions for the animals in your care with instant access to current veterinary drug information on one easy-to-use platform.

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Access the #1 veterinary drug reference from any internet-connected phone, tablet, or computer.

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Keep up with significant developments in veterinary drug therapy with continual updates from the experts.

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Easily educate pet owners with printable guides on more than 550 commonly prescribed drugs.

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Why Plumb’s?

Easy to use, continually updated, and available anywhere, Plumb’s saves time for anyone who prescribes or dispenses veterinary medications.

It’s more than a formulary

You can find a drug dosage almost anywhere. But Plumb’s gives you the animal- and situation-specific context around the dosages so you can make more informed choices for your patients.

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A faster way to find veterinary drug information

Dosages, drug interactions, adverse effects, contraindications: it’s all in Plumb’s, accessible from any internet-connected device. With the up-to-date information you need at your fingertips, prescribing or dispensing medications just got easier.

Prescribe confidently anywhere

Plumb’s is available everywhere you need it, from your phone or tablet to that ancient computer at the front desk. It’s your go-to drug reference at the point of care—wherever your practice takes you.

Stay in the know on best practices for drug use in animals

With Plumb’s, you get access to essential updates as they roll out—for no additional charge. It’s like having our expert team of veterinarians and veterinary pharmacists right in your pocket.

Counsel pet owners about their pet’s medications

Help pet owners confidently administer medications at home with printable, easy-to-understand drug information sheets on more than 550 veterinary drugs.


Check for potential drug interactions

Quickly check for interactions between your patient’s drug list and your selected treatment with the built-in drug interaction checker.

Get more out of your veterinary drug reference

Seamlessly save personal notes, bookmark frequently accessed drugs, check your mental math, and more—from any device.

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Leading Experts in Animal Care Depend on Plumb’s

"I love using the digital version of Plumb’s. I use the iPhone app frequently and find it very easy to search and navigate. In today's paperless world, it is great having my favorite drug reference right at my fingertips."

Josh Storm, DVM, CVA

"Plumb’s is indispensable for every clinical veterinarian, especially relief veterinarians serving multiple and varied practices. I consider my Plumb’s app a critical tool to have on every shift, whether I’m working ER, GP, or shelter."

Cindy Trice, DVM, Founder and CEO, Relief Rover

"Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs has taken my most-used reference and made it even more helpful to my clinical practice. I can now access the information that I need whenever and wherever I want it, on my smartphone, tablet, or computer."

Peter S. Chapman, BVetMed (Hons), DECVIM-CA, DACVIM, MRCVS

Frequently Asked Questions

Are discounts available for students?

Yes! Students at accredited veterinary and pharmacy schools are eligible for a discounted subscription to Plumb’s. Learn more.

Does Plumb’s meet the reference library requirements of my state board of pharmacy?

Absolutely. Many state boards of pharmacy recommend Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs or the Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook as an option to meet their veterinary drug reference requirement. Having Plumb’s on hand helps you easily confirm veterinary drug details and counsel pet owners. Plus, it may also make your pharmacy more attractive to veterinarians determining which local pharmacy to recommend to pet owners.

Can I share Plumb’s with my whole team?

Of course! You can share Plumb’s with anyone on your team, and discounts are available for groups of 5 or more. Each user gets their own account and sign-in details, and administrators can easily add and remove users as needed. If you need access for multiple locations or more than 20 users, get in touch with us to create a custom plan.

Is the Plumb’s app free?

The Plumb’s iOS and Android apps are included in your annual subscription fee and are available for download from the app stores at no additional cost. You’ll just need to purchase a subscription from our website and set up your account to access the app.

How is Plumb’s different from the Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook?

Since the 9th edition of the handbook was published in January 2018, dozens of new drugs and hundreds of updates to existing drug monographs have been added to the digital platform. Subscribing to Plumb’s ensures you have convenient online access to continually updated veterinary drug information—no more waiting years for the next print edition.

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